Sotavento, created by Fabrizio Constanza, has been named as Best of the 2015 Product by Design Journal ‘s Editorial Staff.

sotavento best 2015

What is Sotavento? Sotavento is a custom designed product made by award winning designer Fabrizio Constanza. It is an Art+Design collectable object that was created by commission for a private client. The piece is now available to the public in a limited edition, and may be customizable to individual preference.

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Who is Design Journal?

Design Journal is a web-based magazine that forms part of Archinterious/ADEX Awards. The company´s mission is to “ Recognize superior product design of furnishings marketed through architects and interior designers as well as the greatest architecture and design projects worldwide.”

sotavento best 2015B

What is” Best of 2015”?

Each year the Editorial Staff reviews all entries to name the Best of the Year, creating a short list of outstanding products. On the 2015 list we find companies such as: OSRAM SYLVANIA, Armstrong Residential Flooring, KWC America, Inc., Sunbrella, Nambe, and Fabrizio Constanza Design.

sotavento best 2015C

Why is this important?

Fabrizio Constanza explains:

This institution´s opinion is important because the products are judged on their design qualities, unbiased from market pressures. It provides both professionals and the general public a resource to find all the range of possibilities for architectural design projects in one place.

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