• 1909 Elephant’s Child

    “1909 Elephant’s Child” Fabrizio Constanza associates the birth of elephant calves to all the changes each being must face during life. Elephant’s Child was first exhibited in Guatemala at Galeria El Tunel in a Solo exhibition. It participated in ICFF, 2014 edition during New York design week. Picasso once said: “God is really only another artist…. Read more »

  • Libélula (Dragon Fly), the process of creation

  • Belts and Jewelry Armoire

      Commissioned for a1970’s renovated home, the project ‘Belts and Jewelry armoire’ resolves the problem of limited closet space by liberating hanging and drawer capacity with unconventional storage units.   By utilizing user’s experience, Fabrizio Constanza, focused the design solution on organizing small objects that produce large visual clutter, in this particular project Belts and Paste…. Read more »