IMG_20160128_162842Fabrizio Constanza Design Studio is committed to the development of consignment of Art+ Design objects. Within their portfolio of products, plinth design is very important.

 What is a plinth?  A plinth is a block that is used as the base for a pillar or statue. In art terms, it is an exhibition pedestal for sculptures.

But these plinths are far from being a simple block or a pillar. These objects, that come in different forms, shapes and sizes, integrate space, sculpture and exhibition into one integrated composition. Fabrizio explains that plinths are designed to increase interaction between the observer and the work of art.

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The interaction between plinth and sculpture in some cases is so strong that it is impossible to imagine one without the other. Then the artist is asked: Is the plinth design a direct intervention to the work of art? Should the sculpture be exhibited in non-disruptive way, for example, on a white or black base? The answer is ingenious and sophisticated. “The plinth has always been part of a sculpture. A plinth does for a sculpture what a frame does for a canvas”.


From the Chinese, Greeks and Romans, to the well-known fourth plinth at Trafalgar in London, plinths have always been part of the word of sculpture. Plinth elevates sculptures from art to a monument, similar to the column of Nelson. Rodin understood the intricate relationship between plinth and sculpture, and “He pursued his investigations even further, seeking to combine the sculpture and its base in a single composition, the base thus becoming an integral part of the work.”

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Distinct from a curatorial answer, the artist explains: “Certainly a white plinth works fine in a gallery or a museum to exhibit the sculpture, just as a plain and stark automobile concessionary  showcases cars and sets the stage for their sale. But a neutral base does little or nothing for the sculpture in an architecturally designed space that contains functional objects and activities all around. “


Fabrizio´s plinth designs have altered the style of contemporary sculptures. His plinths embellish and strengthen the energy of the sculptures in a way that the artists who commission them are delighted with the work he has done for their creations.

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