Fabrizio Constanza has redefined the concept of public benches by emphasizing a green approach in the creation of public functional art seating made out of reused wood.


The British-Hispanic designer observed and analysed human behaviour on public accommodations and combined this with an energy efficient use of recycled materials to create a multifunctional public bench.

triangulo fabrizio

Installed in a public recreational area of a business building that doubles as a permanent exhibition of a private collection of Contemporary Central American Sculpture, these “objects” as the artist calls them, rediscover the innate purpose of a public bench, to rest.

triangulo diseno total

Through observation, Fabrizio noticed that the state of resting could be achieved in multiple ways, not only by sitting down. It can also be mental repose through play, reading, tweeting, informal conversations, eating, or more; or just to physically rest, by leaning, sitting, lying down, kneeling or any combination. He also contemplated age demographics and salvaged materials to create this unexpected solution.

gente sentada dos

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The result is a composition of objects crafted out of recovered materials. The structure emphasizes mental and physical rest. The designer takes the visitor to the sensation of relaxation by the use of rescued seats  (remnants of the 1964 Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen and Tornben Lind Armless Lounge Chairs), in a design that combines previously used wood posts and these armless lounge chair cushions (a glimpse of what is to come).The rectangular formed objects can be used for resting or to support tables for the public´

triangulo 2

Fabrizio finished his composition with two enormous pyramid-looking objects that provide to the public’s eye the multiple possibilities of respite and interaction. These triangular shapes are used by children to climb on and to play; by passers-by who use them for brief rest stops; or as a footstool to tie their shoelaces; or just a place to lean against …. and simply be.


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