December 2015

Fabrizio Constanza among the exclusive group of preeminent designers.


Sherwin Williams is a well-known paint company. It has just published the second issue of their new magazine Esenciales. The magazine uses quality paper, creative and dynamic layouts, extraordinary design on the front and back covers, all in all, a luxurious publication, a sensuous delight.  It is designed to guide the reader through examples of exquisite architecture and design, showcasing the new tendencies in color: COLOR MIX 2015.


Sherwin Williams Central America integrated a group of professionals and gave them the task of identifying the best architects, designers, developers and builders in Guatemala. By looking at the picture, I guess part of the profile was that they were younger professionals. Nineteen architects, six designers, four developers and two development companies were chosen; and look! At the bottom right-hand side is me! Fabrizio!


I have the privilege of knowing many of the professionals in this elite group; they all enjoy an extraordinary talent and vision, but most of all, they are wonderful persons. For me, being part of this select company of professionals, who work and produce specific Art & Design objects on a daily basis to fulfill their client’s wishes and dreams, is an honor.



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