On August 29, 2016 Bellevue Mayor John Stokes inaugurated the Bellwether Exhibition and Art Walk expressing his patent intention to make Bellevue a more international and creative art community.



The urban design project manager Scott McDonalds stated: “Over 600 pieces of art went through a jury selection. Of the 32 selected, six were created by international artists, which is the most we have ever had.”

other artists

Guatemalan Artist Fabrizio Constanza is one of the six international artists participating; he admired the quality of the works of art in the exhibit. “I am very pleased that El Soporte del Cubo is  part of the Bellwether exhibition. These works of art are very strong in concept and execution. It is harmonious with the city’s industry, and the local government´s focus towards a comprehensive future that embraces knowledge and choices.


“Guatemala and Bellevue are 3,750 miles apart, with dissimilar circumstances and undertakings,  yet with a unified criteria.  El SOPORTE DEL CUBO’s message inspires people to approach the present global challenges with flexible solutions ” Fabrizio Constanza


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