The Support of the Cube

“The Support of the Cube” piece is a conceptual work that explores the relationship between human emotions and human progress. The piece intends to inspire people to approach the present global challenges with flexible solutions, which I passionately perceive as the next step in human development.


“The Support of the Cube” and “La Grande Vitesse”

The sculpture combines five major elements: one 4’x4’x4’ Cube manufactured entirely of ultra polished sheet metal, and four organic shaped metal legs. The cube traps and combines the reflection of spectators and their surroundings, making them a part of the cube. The fluid and twisted legs are a conceptual representation of human emotions and creativity – the very core of our inventiveness.  I encourage viewers to reflect on:

  • Admiring a cube rather than being trapped within in it
  • How emotions support human creations
  • Why, if our emotions are so fluid, is our progress so rigid?
  • Will humanity some day in our future be able to look back at this time and be  amazed by how far we were able to get with such rigid systems and/or be      struck by the naiveté of our culture?

While the sculpture meaning is profound, I encourage people to also simply enjoy the composition. The object was designed to feel dynamic, well balanced and a joy to observe.


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