Fabrizio Constanza is an artist and a designer.  He has been creating functional art for nearly two decades and has seen the positive impact art has on people.  Private collectors have commissioned the majority of his artwork.


Plinth: Fabrizio Constanza Sculpture: David Halfon

In 2012 Fabrizio felt compelled to share his designs and allow public access to his work. He began to participate in design competitions, and exhibited his work in galleries.


Solo Exhibition at Galeria El Tunel 2013



In 2014 he decided to exhibit at ICFF  New York Design Week and Galerie Joseph Paris Design Week, with the sole purpose of exhibiting his work to the general public, and to the critics.  The viewers’ reactions were fantastic, and this inspired him to create his first public sculpture: “The Support of the Cube”.


Artistic series “Strange Land” ICFF 2014

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Horizon Lounge Chair at Galerie Joseph

“The Support of the Cube” piece is a conceptual work that explores the relationship between human emotions and human progress. The piece intends to inspire people to approach the present global challenges with flexible solutions.


Sculpture: The Support of the Cube


Fabrizio understood in the importance of sharing this piece with art collectors and the general public alike; that´s why he decided to participate in an international art competition that focused on making the competing pieces available to all who wished to experience the intrigue and beauty of art.


Grand Rapids Michigan during Art Prize 7


“The Support of the Cube” was subsequently selected to be exhibited at City Hall, Calder Plaza at the 2015 ArtPrize® in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  ArtPrize® attracts over 400,000 visitors with over 1,600 artists participating from 42 states and 48 countries.


Left: MAYA 7624 Right: The Support of the Cube



Fabrizio’s exhibition at Calder Plaza was a great success. Visitors of all ages interacted with the Support of the Cube. While the sculpture meaning is profound, the object’s design based on balance, fluidness, and rigidity is a joy to observe.

Artprize6 Artprize5 Artprize7

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