October 2014, Guatemala, ASODI’S 2nd Interior design Congress, Fabrizio Constanza Design Director Talks about sales and Marketing of Design services and products.

Fabrizio Constanza director and founder of Fabrizio Constanza Design, explains the need of collaboration between designers and Design companies to promote Design awareness in Guatemala.

This past October the Guatemalan design association (ASODI) celebrated its second design congress. The two days event had multiple International and national guest speakers . Fabrizio Constanza was invited to talk about innovation on Decorative services and products merchandizing.

ASODI is an organization focus on promoting Interior Decoration in Guatemala. Its fast grow of members on two years, it’s a sign of Interior designers need to work as a Force instead of independent efforts.  Its membership to the Association has grown at list 20% on the last years.

The event took place at the Guatemalan Construction Chamber ( Cámara de la construcción de Guatemala) that is a well stablish institution in the region. Their building provided all the necessary installations to house ASODI’s agenda that included: Exhibitions, courses, conferences. All the events were extremely educational for the attendance that included Architects, Interior designers and Students.

Fabrizio Constanza delivered a comprehensive message: Sales- Marketing of design products and Design Services in Guatemala require design professionals and design merchandiser to indorse each other’s work, instead of competing against each other. Fabrizio utilized the proliferation of Street merchandiser in Guatemala from beggars to a well-organized business structure as an analogy on how competitors marketing together gain market faster than independent efforts. Fabrizio intentionally used the experience of the street merchandiser, so every time the people that attended the conference see street merchandise, the message gets reinforced.


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