“1909 Elephant’s Child” Fabrizio Constanza associates the birth of elephant calves to all the changes each being must face during life.

Elephant’s Child was first exhibited in Guatemala at Galeria El Tunel in a Solo exhibition. It participated in ICFF, 2014 edition during New York design week.

Picasso once said: “God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. He has no real style; He just goes on trying other things.”

Elephant’s Child is one of four Artworks that complete the series entitled  7471 Strangeland

The series is composed of four pieces. Each work of art is based on human attitudes that Fabrizio feels are of great importance to embrace, and yet are gradually becoming absent in modern life: Humility, fragility, courage and endeavour.

Fabrizio gives life to these distinctive qualities by combining metaphors and animal traits into compositions of lines, curves, light and shadow.The pieces are intended to be functional Art works. Functionally speaking they are dimension at 1.30m length x .83m height x 0.45m width to serve as entrance tables.

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