Fabrizio Constanza Design ´s approach to new projects is based on the full understanding of the client’s vision

This project was directed by Fabrizio Constanza who formed a team of uniquely qualified professionals:  David Aguilar, architect; Luisa Bagur, interior architect; and Roberto Acuna, civil engineer.

The project began as a simple garage; it grew into a multipurpose area: a garage, a housekeeping bedroom, a housekeeping area, home storage area, a social pergola, and a guest bathroom.


Spatial distribution was an important issue, and is based on human interactions and needs. For example: the housekeeping staff may need to stay overnight for any reason, so the bedroom was created, and additionally is a separate and private living area

As a social area, the pergola was created to enjoy the garden on a daily basis. Its two main spaces, a dining area and the living room, that may be accessed from the four car garage or through the main house´s pantry

The modules have three sliding glass doors that can be place in different configurations.  These allow the visitor to enjoy the garden as he strolls from the garage to the main house.  The garage and pergola may be used together for larger social events.

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