This particular project main inspiration sources were: the tranquillity of the figure, the softness of the curves, and the name of the Sculpture: Suspension. The figure resembles a relaxing human female figure. While the position realistically would be a tense abdominal position, the soft curves of the form create the sense of fluidity. The Name Suspension means suspend in English. These clues lead us to create a fluid suspending system for the sculpture.

The uniqueness of plinth design is creating an object that improves the appreciation of the work of Art without interfering with the sculpture. We design the plinth utilizing the triangle composition style found on all times master pieces like Caravaggio’s or Bernini’s. Placing the sculpture at the top of the triangle, we work our way down the triangle. The plinth shapes is defined by perceiving the force and movement of the sculpture and counterbalance it.

The Artistic Plinth becomes an object that blends the sculpture with the environment. This interaction creates a balance environment that is perceived by the audience increasing the experience of Art Appreciation. It leads the spectators to naturally focus on the Sculpture.


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