As expected, Gallery Joseph had thought out every detail. From a very balance set up of all piece exhibited to transporting enthusiastic visitors to the three Galleries. They had contracted a group of Citroen car 2CV, a classic car of great French design. The evening started with a Cocktail at 6 in the afternoon.

First I attended Gallery Joseph at the at rue de tourrene, where the Landes and KSD-2 are exhibited. This gallery is a three floor building, with a center natural sun entrance. This aloud for second and third floor view to the center of the street level hall; our pieces are located at the second floor just up the stairs. People in general liked the KSD-2’s comfort and were curious about the Lande’s shape. All the work exhibited is of great quality, imagination, passion. These are products driving by the soul of its creators. I am sure collectors will enjoy these piece. I can see that Curator Mellisa Rogers and Ivona had brought together an excellent combination of work and designers together. It is obvious the time and strategy behind the exhibition for Paris Design week. I could see a trend: while Europeans designers focus on using new technology and materials such as carbon fiber, stainless steel polish plates, Latin American focus more in utilizing traditional materials into contemporary lines such as wood, leather and fabrics. Seems to me, generally speaking, Latin Americans designers seem to be influenced by Scandinavian design.

Later I moved to Gallery Joseph at rue de Froissart, where Horizon is being exhibited at the center of a hall, it look amazing. Surprisingly, for opening night, they exhibited the KSD-2 that was coming from Italy, in the same hall. Comments were as expected: how good the chair feels, and the sensation of the leather upholstery. One of the most influential people who was very impress of Fabrizio Constanza Design is Noelia Laya Fashion Editor for, Vogue and Grazie, Spain, and Spanish Poet Silvia Terron.


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