Commissioned for a1970’s renovated home, the project ‘Belts and Jewelry armoire’ resolves the problem of limited closet space by liberating hanging and drawer capacity with unconventional storage units.   By utilizing user’s experience, Fabrizio Constanza, focused the design solution on organizing small objects that produce large visual clutter, in this particular project Belts and Paste. The project exposed how resolving a daily bog can sum up into a positive attitude.

“With limited space to work with, we have to focus on organizing objects that could feet in an area of 7.5 X 5 feet and 8 inch depth” explains Fabrizio.  “We utilized the only free wall on each of the two walking closets to customize storage units, one for 25 belts and the other for jewelry organized by product type”.

The Solution is modern and clever. Yet looking back to early 1900, People used Jewelry boxes and travel trunks with product specific storage spaces. The result is a contemporary organizing system with a trace of nostalgia for past times when people treasured their objects.

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