I am an Artist and a Designer.  I primarily create Conceptual Art, Unique Furniture collectable piece, and custom furniture.

Evolution is a Natural state. 19 years of experience have made myself realize my clients are in constant stage of project creation. Their tendency is multiple projects at a time. Constantly, I am request to be the Project Director on their special ventures. Such as Home remodeling, commercial space design and distribution, elevator installations, even Book production.

I am an outstanding Project Director and Designer. Probe to this are 12 design awards in 3 years and 19 years of professional carrier. But the biggest honor comes from my distinguished clients that constantly trust me to successfully execute their projects.

“There Are No Small Parts, Only Small Actors” I like this fraise very much. I approach each project with the same energy and passion, as I understand if the client came to me for advice the matters is of importance to them.

Design your projects is a fantastic experience; tell us about it!!!!!   It will be fantastic to hear from you.