Fabrizio Constanza is an observer of life. His inspiration comes from emotions generated by existence. By watching life passing by, from reflections of the world, past nostalgia and future cues, Fabrizio captures and materialize emotions into objects. A clear example is 0710 Oxbow, based on the 2013 Baltimore derby winner.

Objects become transmitters of emotions. A table that elegantly represents the human body named Organica, or a coat stand with slick curves for the corporate world, simply known as Lande, are exquisite examples.

Balanced compositions define his work, objects that will overcome the past of time. Fabrizio harmoniously combines classic and contemporary materials with ergonomic details to create pieces that will be enjoyed by generations to come. “I design for today, but thinking on how future generations will enjoy a beautiful piece of functional art with the history of its first user”

Fabrizio Constanza (Inglaterra, 1974)

His professional training is in industrial design, which he perceives as a creative process applicable to any aspect of life. His design process has been applied in projects, which go from architecture and interior design to consulting in commercial and private projects. His work has been published in:

DM Design Magazine, Design Milk, Design You Trust, Yahoo News Business, San Francisco Gate, Timesunion.com, ID Magazine and Architecture and Design Colorado. He has won gold and silver awards in A’design Award & Competition, Italy. In 2007, Starlight Starbright Denver and New York auctioned his KSD2 lounge chair under the name of Charity Chair.

In 2001 Fabrizio Constanza moved to Guatemala City with the vision to introduce in this Central American Country the services of custom furniture design. Fabrizio Constanza Design was born the summer of that same year. Fabrizio’s first account was the design of light fixtures and awnings for 4 grades North pedestrian street mall. By 2006 Fabrizio Constanza Design had created light fixtures and custom furniture for local restaurants and Hotels.
That same year, Fabrizio was invited to create Mint design center’s custom furniture Division. Mint, as Fabrizio calls it, was the first Design Studio in Guatemala that combined Architecture, Interior Design and Custom furniture design. Mint success has been the ability to provide custom design product and interior architecture solutions. For six years, Fabrizio directed the design and production departments.

Parallel to Mint Fabrizio continued his private practice as a design consultant for accounts that require more advanced design solutions. He managed an array of projects that go from unique interior architecture projects, restoration of public art, and product consulting to Private Art Books and artistic plinths (bases for sculptures). At the end of 2011 Fabrizio was commissioned to produce an artistic entrance table to become part of the largest private contemporary art gallery in Guatemala. From that point Fabrizio’s Art-Design products have increased popularity on the private Art collection’s market.

By 2012 Fabrizio resigns the position of Design Director at Mint and endeavored into Design Consultancy for high profile clients. Now days Fabrizio splits his time managing Design projects for private clients and developing his own lines of collectable Art-design objects.

When asked about what defines him as a designer Fabrizio expressed: “To me Design is about always striving to learn to be better person and make better products for consumers while creating good relations with producers and respecting the planet’s environment”